ICTSI Philippine Open News: WHAT THEY SAID

February 9, 2012 · uncategorized


It was a good day. It wasn’t easy with the wind. Anything under par today is a good score. It’s tight, fairways aren’t too big and the greens are probably the trickiest I’ve played on. Really small and quite severe slopes. And fast too. I putted really well and scrambled well which was good.

I didn’t know what to expect. I knew scoring was high last year and knew there weren’t too many birdies on offer. I didn’t hit it too well but scrambled well and managed to save a few pars. Played Myanmar last week. It was good. It was different course as it was wide open. Cut was three under and I was kind of going on pars. I like this course as you can play par golf and you can be up there. I’m not sure what position I’m in right now but I’m sure I won’t be too far off.

It’s been fun (on the Asian Tour). I’ve been enjoying it. It’s nice to visit different countries. It’s good experience. I’ve made new friends and I’m looking forward to the year. I’ve played quite a few events now since I turned pro. As for being in Asia, the heat is tough. Drink enough water as I can. Just trying to focus on the game without worrying that you’re covered in sweat. I’m doing okay so far.

I’ve had lots of encouragement from back home, through my website and twitter and text messages. That’s been nice. It’s good to know that you’re thousands of miles away from home but I’m getting good support. It’s good. I speak to mum and dad a lot on skype. Although I’m a long way away, I don’t feel too alienated.

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